About The Company

Since 2007 Treasure Construction has been bringing our customers visions to life by listening and acting on what is important to them. We ensure that you are completely satisfied with the quality and workmanship that we bring to each and every job. Our customer’s happiness is the best type of advertising there is. We want you to be proud of what we’ve done and told all your friends and family about us. We love what we do and take pride in our work. Give us a call for your upcoming projects, you will be glad you did.


The Team

Robert Dopp / Founder

Robert was destined for a life as a General Contractor. My Parents said that from about the age of 5, I would take apart the dining room furniture. It was always a risk to pick the right chair at dinner time. Fascinated by engineering and figuring out how things work, At 16 I started pumping gas and working on automobiles in a gas station. I rebuilt my first motor at 17, and whether mad skills or dumb luck (probably the latter) it started right up on the first try. At 19, one of my regular customers told her husband to give me a job at Georgia Pacific. (thanks Linda Boone). It was the kick-start I needed into the world of Maintenance and Engineering. I was urged to continue my education, so while working 50+ hours a week, I attended night school in an accelerated learning program that demanded 20+ hours, 5 nights a week so boredom couldn’t set in. In 18 months, I had earned my AAS degree in Electronics and shortly after became the shift working foreman. At 27 I was made the youngest Maintenance Manager in the history of Georgia Pacific, I was also in the 2nd largest producing plant of the 49 plants nationwide (NO PRESSURE). After 17 years of working 6 or 7 days a week, I felt I was missing something. (Life that’s what it was).

Construction wasn’t a stretch since my genealogy is nothing but General Contractors and Carpenters, not to mention I had been doing projects all my life with my dad the Carpenter since I was old enough to hold a hammer and be a gopher.

I absolutely fell in love with Construction and Remodeling, not only because of my clients vision I get to bring to reality, but the smiles on their faces is the greatest reward of all the moment they see their finished project, the biggest bonus is the new friends I get to make along my journey.

Carina Simboli / CFO

My Father is Italian and my Mother is Dutch Indonesian. I love that my parents were adventures.   They were hippies in the sixties and embraced change .  My Mom that sewed us hippie clothes and cooked yummy Indonesian food and my Father attending UCBerkeley getting his Doctorate in Epidemiology shaped me as a woman.  They taught me how to embrace other cultures, new ideas and never fear the unknown! Not afraid to take on new adventures I jumped in, working on 1008 apartments as a leasing person.  Property Management was a twenty-year career I cherished coupled with college I was headed to the stars.  Having a love for people and construction design, elevated me to a new level of creation. To give life to beautiful spaces that clients appreciate and love is like winning the lotto!  My passion is my family, staying home by my fireplace and reading a great book.  Shopping for magical items for my clients home.  The simple things in life give me great pleasure.

Max / Safety Clean Up Supervisor

Max makes safety lunch meeting nice and clean one bite at a time!